Pantry Inventory is a great way for me to see what you usually buy at the grocery store. When we look at the pantry, we will discuss why you chose these particular items over others (convenience, habit, cost, etc). We will also check out the ingredient list and nutrition label of these items. By looking at ingredients and nutrition labels we are able to interpret how healthy something actual is. Natural and Organic have become very common labels, so lets figure out what is actually important to you, what is on the box, or what is in the box. Companies spend a lot of time making the box look good, so lets make sure what is in the box is also just as good if not better! Pantry Inventory isn't limited to just the pantry, we also take a look at the fridge and freezer. 

I like to do some Meal Planning after looking through the pantry. This way we can make a plan for you to use up what you already have, as well as figure out some things you can add to your grocery list. Depending on you and your family/lifestyle we can make your meal plan as a guide, or make a very detailed meal plan. The choice is yours, I am just here to help get you to your goals. 

Once we decide what type of meal planning we are doing, its time to do some Grocery Shopping. This is really where all the magic happens (in my opinion). If we can get through grocery shopping without impulse buying things we are trying to limit in the house, that is a big win in and of itself. Chips are probably my biggest weakness when it comes to mindlessly snacking. So I TRY to be strong when grocery shopping and not buy them. Unless they are on my shopping list, I refrain from getting them. Now, that doesn't mean you can never buy chips every again. It just means that maybe instead of buying one bag and a back up bag, maybe just buy the one bag. When you want some chips, take the amount you intend to eat and put it on a plat or on the counter, and then put the chips away. That way you are less likely to accidentally eat an entire bag of chips (been there done that like a million times). So, the ultimate goal when grocery shopping is having a plan for anything you are buying. How solid the plan has to be is up to you.