What are some things that help people be healthy? 

  • Drink enough water
  • Eat LOTS of fruits and veggies 
  • Take time to wind down
  • Give yourself 'me' time 
  • Find something that you enjoy, that is also exercise. 
  • Sleep! 


When we eat with our wellness in mind, we are focusing on something much larger than weight. Weight is only one aspect of measuring health, and its not even accurate or consistent from person to person. Many people emphasize weight when working on health because it is measurable, and gratifying to see the results. I prefer to measure health with feelings. (This lady is cracked, health is not a feeling). Please! Give me a chance to explain! 

Okay, so, when we measure health I like to measure a variety of things, including by not limited to:

  • Energy Levels - Do you have enough energy to get through the day? Or are you constantly reaching for that energy drink (or coffee, or what ever usually amps you up when you are feeling tired). 
  • Sleep - Are you sleeping through the night? Kids, pets, partners... there are a number of reasons to be randomly woken up in the middle of the night, but if there isn't a reason, are you sleeping through the night? Are you feeling well rested after you wake up (for those of you who need 30 minutes to wake up... please take them. Then assess if you could crawl back into bed and sleep some more). 
  • Mood - We all have our bad days, but overall what are your moods like? Irritated by little things, or things that really don't matter? Are you able to regain and maintain a good mood even after getting annoyed? 
  • Skin - Skin health is a great indicator to how our inner health is doing! We all know different things that make us break out. If we have constant acne there could be an underling issue that can be fixed by what we eat instead of finding a cream or cover up that will make it go away. Heal your skin from the inside out! 

I like to have people track how they are feeling every day, and as we make changes, we track those changes along with how we feel. This way we can find what a healthy diet looks like for you! 

Time and budget are a hug aspect for people when considering making healthy living changes. I am here to help you work health into you and your families lifestyle. My suggestions may not always be what you want to hear, but I would bet you it'd make a big difference. 

I choose to focus on these item that are generally considered objective (based on facts). I believe health is subjective (influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or options) therefore we all need to figure out wjat healthy means for us. 

I focus my coaching on objective things, and ask questions that are subjective. Through discussion and research we can figure out what is best for you. 

"I want to empower you during your health journey, not critic you into doing things my way." - Kara