Some of you might be familiar with Yoga with Adriene, for those of you who are, I am sure you can back me up with this recommendation. Adriene is funny and welcoming for every level of yoga. Still, I consider myself a beginner, and I am figuring out all of the poses and the flow, and she makes it easy to move from one pose to another. With little reminders of posture and mentality. Somehow she reminds me of these things exactly when I need them! She has a variety of different playlists on youtube which are free to start out your yoga practice. She has been an excellent guide for me on my spiritual journey! Check out her youtube lists here

Fitness Blender has another youtube channel that I would highly recommend. They have a variety of workouts (free on their youtube). These are more intense than Yoga with Adriene. These two great if you are looking for a good hard workout. (Adriene is too but in a calming way). If you are looking to yell at someone a little while working out, these two are your people. You always know what is coming next... but you may not like it. Great workouts. Check their youtube lists here.

Juice Plus is a company that has four core products. Although it sounds like you are buying and drinking juice... that is not what is happening. Quick overview, Juice Plus is plant based nutrition that comes in capsules or gummies, as well as coming in shakes/protein powder or bars. The capsules and/or gummies are taken every day and help you bridge that gap between what you eat and what you should be eating. The complete shakes/protein powder is perfect for a meal replacement for anyone that's on the go! The bars are also good to take with you when out and about for when you (or your loved ones) get hangry. Contact me for more information about Juice Plus, or feel free to poke around here.  Check out my Juice Plus category here to read/see some of the fun and love I have for these products.