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Whew! I cannot believe it has already been a whole week since the last time I wrote anything or tried a new recipe! That is due to the newest addition to the family, River. She is an adorable 8 pounds and 14 weeks old pup. She can go from running laps in the living room, to passing out on your lap in no time. Don't be fooled, so gets into trouble, mostly eating or chewing on things she shouldn't, or eyeing up the cats. So your basic puppy trouble making. Thus far we have yet to encounter something we haven't been expecting. 

River and Atticus cuddling on my lap.

River and Atticus cuddling on my lap.

We are surprised at how well the cats are doing with her. When River is sleepy, they get along with her just fine, the bestest of friends. When she is hyper and they enter 'her territory' all bets are off. Sometimes she listens to leave it, and other times she is too excited to realise we are in the room and lunges for them. No casualties yet, though there have been a few close tail incidences, and those puppy teeth are sharp! River is still learning, and it appears the cats are willing to help teach her. 

I promise I will be back to the good old cookings sometime hopefully soon! I have been working on my 28 Day Increase information that is starting Monday, April 3rd. So if you are interested in joining me and others please let me know! 

In the mean time, I hope you accept these puppy pictures as my apology for not having anything new health coach wise for you. :) 

Assess - Plan - Improve

Assess - Plan - Improve

28 Day Increase      April 3rd-April 30th

28 Day Increase April 3rd-April 30th