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Storing Produce

Storing Produce

Eat Healthy Challenge… That thing we put off basically like always…

Eating healthy is a changeling, especially when I hit my I’M HUNGRY NOW wall. I will grab anything edible and inhale it before giving it a second, though. I eat junk food when I hit my HUNGRY NOW moments. These foods are empty calories which will do nothing good for my body except give me a few minutes of satisfaction. Womp, and now I’m hungry again… and continue to eat things right now, too quick, and without a second, though.

I am hungry, and I want something now. Not something I have to prepared. Produce (and other healthy options) often require extra moments of me not eating.

Apples, carrots, and grapes all require that annoying preparation before consumption. Plus, they are more spendy. So I found that I was frequently throwing out my produce, which leads me towards buying less produce. I mean, come on, I’m not made of money. I was basically watching myself throw money into the garbage. No thank you. But then I started feeling crappier, and crabbier. So… I went back on the produce buying kick. Determined to eat the produce this time. A new found excitement for produce if you will.

Deciding to give it my all and figure out how best to store our lovely, delicious (be it annoying) produce began. Research on storing produce continued to say “Store unwashed for best results” blah blah. If it’s not ready to eat when I’m hungry, it's not going to get eaten, and it's going to get thrown out. So, I decided to wash and store our produce for a change and see what the results are. I was pleasantly surprised by our findings!

Apples – wash, and store on counter or fridge.

Bananas – store on counter

Carrots – clean, cut (if desired), and store in jar with water

Grapes – de-vine, wash/rinse, pat dry, store in container with paper towels

Leafy Greens – Wash, spin dry, store in plastic bag with paper towels

Oranges – store in fridge OR on counter (3-4 days on counter)

Peppers – Wash, dry, and wrap in paper towel, seal in plastic bag

The key for most produce is to keep it dry. Moisture increases deterioration and rotting.

This list will continue to grow, so if there are things that aren’t on here, but you’d like to see how best to store after you’ve washed a prepared it, please let me know.

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